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BI as a service

Development of the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), data management procedures setup, etc.

BI implementation

Development of the BI solution components (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards).

BI consulting

BI implementation / evolution / migration strategy.

BI support and evolution

Administration support (updating software, adding new users, handling permissions, administering data).

A KPMG survey of 400 U.S. CEOs reveals the following

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Use data analytics to develop new products and services?

Business Intelligence Development

Merx Analytics will help your business make better decisions by providing expert-level business intelligence (BI) services.

Why Use Data Analytics Software

Data analytics software helps you put your production data to use for process optimization and new product development. It can help you uncover dependencies, identify cause and effect, and predict future trends, events and behaviors.


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