Data Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) is a subscription-based service that provides a company with the capabilities of a fully customized analytics platform for in-cloud data analysis.

BI as a service

We take care of:

Establishing metrics and key performance indicators aligned with strategy, then using BI software to provide visibility and drive accountability, brings alignment of activities and outcomes with the desired strategic objectives.

Questions that lead to actionable insights incorporate the use of KPIs, the use of a specific time period, and the use of contrast to other metrics to give detailed and useful answers.

Keep your questions specific and related to opportunities where you can apply the insights to boost profits.

Ask yourself questions that lead to higher returns. What other products and services are sold to similar customers that I could use as cross-selling platforms to increase my sales?

Data analysis software is often looking to provide information that allows your team to identify cost saving opportunities.

These types of questions lead to simple answers, we are right or not, as it shows the causes of success or failure in your business.

Data is a resource, but it’s only valuable if it is used correctly. The right BI questions are the best way to utilize data for the greatest benefit

MerxAnalytics can help you meet your data analytics objectives with minimal involvement from your side and a reduced total cost of ownership
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