Business Intelligence Implementation

Business intelligence (BI) implementation involves designing, developing, deploying a BI solution to integrate, process, and analyze historical and real-time data. The aim of BI implementation is to support decision-making at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

BI implementation consulting

All in-house

The company has full control over the BI implementation project. Caution: The implementation project can be delayed or compromised due to the lack of the required resources.

Technical activities are fully outsourced

Among the major pros – no risk of the resource overprovisioning after the project completion. Caution: High requirements for in-house PM and BA competencies.

Technical activities are partially outsourced

Hiring a vendor to outsource the design, implementation or support of the BI solution. The model presupposes your high control over the implementation project. Caution: High requirement for in-house competencies.

Everything is outsourced, except a project sponsor

This model promises no idle costs and no delays due to resource unavailability. Caution: Increased vendor risks due to increased vendor dependency.
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